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The information in this website and the reports are given freely for you and is for your eyes only.

I have created this with the intention to help you learn how to establish the following; a portfolio, different options customised for your individual situation, a variety of strategies to grow your wealth and share with you a readily laid out system that is further customisable. I have included my referral/affiliate links where appropriate for you to join at your discretion; through these businesses I receive a small compensation. If you find my assistance helpful I would appreciate you using my links or possibly donate through the cryptocurrency addresses I have included at the end of the document.

I am not a financial adviser, and this is not supposed to represent financial advice. There can be no offer of guarantees in any coin or platform. I have done extensive research in both the industry and every company I choose to affiliate with. I do not promote businesses I do not believe in or have not placed my money and trust in.

The information I provide has been designed with your best interests at heart, based on the information you have provided or information from my years of experience and self education. It is meant to make a murky area clearer, provide you with a simpler breakdown of some of the options available to you based on the information provided to me, and based on the research I have undertaken.

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