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Slow and Steady, Registered and Secure

The platforms below are some of my most stable for accessing or growing cryptocurrency. Each meet the respective home countries registration, AML and KYC requirements and those for all countries that they operate in. As such, depending on your location (USA, Philippines for example), you may not be eligible to join some platforms. If any countries are excluded, this is usually stated very early on.

For those interested in trading for themselves, Learning Crypto offers paid training and subscriptions. This is a fantastic platform for those wanting to start trading or for those up to very experienced traders. The information and education provided by Learning Crypto is top rate and as they are all about education, the prices are extremely competitive. Read more about Learning Crypto here.



Amber provides Australian residents the ability to 'round up' their transactions and use the round ups to purchase cryptocurrency on the Amber exchange. Microinvesting apps such as Raiz have done extraordinarily well at taking small amounts and microinvesting. In a volatile space this provides wary investors the opportunity to get involved effortlessly with literally their small change.

Amber is fully registered with ASIC and AUSTRAC as well as being compliant with all Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Transactional fees are 2% and withdrawals are only pulled from your account once minimums have been met. Created by Chantelle de le Ray and Aleks Svetski this allows true ease in effortlessly building a portfolio while taking advantage of dollar cost averaging.

Please note – this app is only available to set up on a mobile phone.



Celsius offers the ability to store your cryptocurrency in the wallet and in return, receive interest payments of up to 10% APR. Interest is calculated daily and paid weekly every Monday. You can choose to have your returns paid in kind (hold Bitcoin, receive Bitcoin) or in Celsius Tokens at a premium interest rate. 

Another benefit is that you have the ability to use your cryptocurrency as collateral and receive a loan in USD for the low rate of 4.95% APR. You only pay interest on what is borrowed. 

This is a fantastic way to take control over your finances, savings and borrowing to cut out the middleman. Best of all, all services are FEE FREE! And if you have a friend also with Celsius, you can send Cryptocurrency directly to them very quickly for free! Register below and if you need my referral code it is 133649a33a. Note – Similar platforms include Blockfi,, Cobo and Nexo.


    CoinBundle is a fantastic and easy way to buy ready-made portfolios in specific coins. Bundles of cryptocurrencies can be purchased from as little as $10 and can be paid for in Fiat or Crypto.

    CoinBundle is backed by several significant angel investors and advisors including Katherine Hensel, Michael Sinclair and Sir Michael Barber. Co Founder and CEO Saad Rizvi has the goal to make crypto purchases simply and profitable for the longer term – similar to ETF's and Mutual Funds.

    This is a fantastic way to securely build a varied portfolio that suits your interests whether it’s through regular or irregular deposits.


    • Funds are insured by Lloyds of London 
    • Specifically designed with ease of use for first time investors
    • Registered in The Philippines
    • Solid supporters, investors and founders with very impressive track records
    • 2FA
    • Aiming to introduce ETF’s
    • Available to people in more than 140 countries (currently exluding the USA and other countries not friendly to cryptocurrency)
    • Zero fees (note there is a 3.5% fee for paying in fiat collected by the payment provider – not Coinbundle)
    • One click investing
    • Military grade security
    • Spend more that $100 on bundles and receive an additional $5 for free when you have registered using the button below
    • Bonuses are given in their native token CoinBundle (BNDL) for holding and regular savings


    CryptoHopper is a powerhouse for all things trading related. Based in Amsterdam and founded by two brothers Ruud Feltkamp and Pim Feltkamp it has rapidly grown since September 2017. In fact CryptoHopper has been named one of the fastest growing start ups in The Netherlands and has featured in Forbes, Coindesk, Blockonomi and many more. CryptoHopper offers –

       Automatic trading

       Mirror Trading

       Premade adaptable bots

       External signals from technical analysts

       Trade selling options


       Paper options – try before you buy subscriptions

       Comprehensive analysis of the statistics of your trades and Hoppers

       Back testing

       Can be entirely set up in 5 minutes, made for anyone.

       Works with 9 global exchanges and NO additional trading fees

    Payment is available in numerous ways including PayPal and cryptocurrency, and there are lots of easy to use videos tutorials and easy to access support online. This platform is great for its ease of use and broad range of knowledge levels. It is truly amazing and comprehensive, check it out in the shop here or click below to register directly. 

    Note – similar platforms would include Gunbot. Zignaly, Hodlbot, 3commas and Shrimpy.


    Gunbot was created by Gunthar De Niro in 2016. The bot trades for you 24/7 in your own exchange by using the API keys. This means your crypto stays in YOUR exchange at all times and the bot is NEVER able to withdraw from your account. Gunthar regularly works on the bot to ensure it is up to date and effective in the changing market conditions.

    All plans are limited in and of themselves as well as there being limitations on each exchange to prevent account blow outs. The main three products are the Standard Edition on one exchange for 0.1BTC, the pro Edition operates on 3 exchanges and costs 0.15BTC and the Ultimate Edition which allows trading on 5 exchanges and costs 0.25BTC. Each pack offers different add ons and benefits.

    There are several different types of plans, add ons and upgrades you can purchase – from the Gunbot Lite for absolute beginners through to bitRage for arbitrage (launching soon and only available to customers). Payment is always in Bitcoin and there is support online and through Telegram. This bot is great for its ease of use, check it out in the shop here or click below to register directly.


    Hashing Ad Space

    Created by Luke Millard Hashing Ad Space is a unique mash up offering ways for advertisers to promote their products or platforms and for community members a way to grow their Asimi holdings through staking. 

    Hashing Ad Space began in mid 2018 in pre-launch, officially launching in February 2019. While in prelaunch members were able to earn Asimi for free in return for watching a 7 second advertisement. Asimi is Hashing Ad Spaces' (HAS) native token which operates on the Waves platform. Soon a free option to earn Asimi will be returning. If this interests you as either a promoter or earner you can register below or via my shop.

    Note – a similar free to earn platform category would include faucets.


      Nodexo offers pooled or whole masternodes. Everything is done for you after you have selected the coin, chosen the amount and deposited. For facilitating and maintaining the masternode the service fee is 5% which comes from your returns (no fees on deposit or withdrawal, compounding is now available).

      This is a fantastic and secure way to earn cryptocurrency while helping the chosen coins secure their respective networks. Nodexo can not make claims on the longevity and annual payout percentage of the coins or their returns. It is critical that you should research each coin you are considering purchasing a masternode in, to ensure you believe in the longevity and validity of the coin itself.

        8+ masternode coins to choose from with the returns varying from roughly 20% – 105% a year.

         Minimum deposit from €100

        Stored with full transparency and by hosting in Microsoft data centres provides 99.95% availability.

        Registered in the European Union and compliant with cryptocurrency regulation, AML and KYC rules.

        Nodexo offers 100% money back guarantee 

         Affiliated with the Crypto Police

      Nodexo is a stand out platform for sustainability and passive returns. Due to the relatively low barrier to entry it makes a fantastic addition to a regular savings plan.

      Please Note – a similar platform for staking is Cobo. Other exchanges are also offering staking to varying degrees. Binance, KuCoin, Bibox, Poloniex, OKex, Huobi, Bithumb and of course, Coinbase. Please ensure you limit the amount of Cryptocurrency you have on any exchange. The majority of your Cryptocurrency holdings should be kept securely. Ideally on a Nano with the mnemonic phrase backed up on a CRYPTOTAG.


      Shrimpy is a fantastic platform that automatically rebalances your portfolio at times and terms chosen by you.  Shrimpy connects to your exchange through API keys and does trades for you automatically.

      YOU set the frequency and the portfolio parameters in the dashboard of your account. You may change them whenever, force a rebalancing at the click of a button, see other details on popular portfolios as well as other portfolio information including an average rate of return.

      This is absolutely fantastic, especially as you are easily able to create your own Index Fund! If this interests you can register below or via my shop.

      Note – similar platforms would include Gunbot. Zignaly, Hodlbot, 3commas and CryptoHopper.

        Benefits of working with me


        The so-called eighth wonder of the world. Long term platforms usually allow for compounding so you can really capitalise on your coins. This can create massive growth!  Please always remember to have a strategy going in so that you do not become overly weighted in any platform and not too risk more than you can afford to lose.


        These platforms tend to offer lower and more consistent returns than those provided by higher risk platforms. These returns are usually still significantly higher than those found in traditional markets. Remember, generally the higher the returns the more riskier the platform. 

        Transparency and Sustainability

        Often these platforms by their nature offer greater transparency and less risk. Please do not get lulled into a false sense though and ensure you always confirm transparency in any platform and not assume that because it is stated that it is fact.

        Security and Support

        Slow and Steady platforms usually offer multiple different ways to contact support. Back offices can also offer greater information and additional validation of how the returns are provided (remember to look for external verification, do not rely on information just from the business).

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