What I Do

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, and this is not supposed to represent financial advice. I can offer no guarantees of profit. I encourage everyone to assess each business, coin and platform on their own merits to determine if they suit your specific needs. I also encourage everyone to have a withdrawal strategy that is based on knowledge of yourself, your needs and your goals. The information I provide is meant to make a murky area clearer, provide you with a simpler breakdown of some of the options available to you and is based on the research I have undertaken.

I help people new to cryptocurrency and those wanting to build a more solid portfolio, who struggle with understanding where to start to achieve balanced and diversified growth by providing information and guidance.

My main service I offer is that of customised Portfolio Plans. These are truly comprehensive and customised entirely on you and where you are at. They include up to 3×30 minute phone calls for clarification, questions and additional details. They also include a quick and more visual summary. A single 3 month plan costs $150USD and a years supply is 550USD.

My Philosophy

I aim to educate individuals on the benefits of cryptocurrency investing. I firmly believe that this is a revolutionary industry with great potential for wealth building.

Too many people are trapped in low wage economies and enticed to spend money on unnecessary trapments or sucked into HYIPs or scams. I would love to show people how they can use Cryptocurrency to create a solid Portfolio and freedom for themselves and their families.

My Methods

Over the last few years I have dedicated myself to learning all I can about not just Cryptocurrency in general but specifics on types and individual coins, portfolio strategies for balanced growth as well as analysing and investing in a wide variety of platforms for both passive and more active growth.

I have had some fantastic successes and some infuriating failures but every step I have taken the knowledge gained, learned from it and used it going forward. I want to share my knowledge to allow us all to achieve our goals together. In Cryptocurrency especially we can all win together.

I firmly believe everyone should consider having a Cryptocurrency position, whether that be as a hedge against fiat, part of a regular savings plan or part of a more significant long term investment strategy. The important thing is to use Cryptocurrency in a way that suits YOU, your risk tolerance and your wants and needs.

My Goals

I want to help create a world where we can all win together.

Cryptocurrency offers a unique avenue for growth that surpasses anything in the history of man. Once you understand how early on Cryptocurrency still is, and the adaption and growth that is steadily and consistently happening, this allows you to look at the long term potential of this space.

I love helping people who want to help themselves. I am passionate about financial freedom and empowering others to live their best life. My goal is to help others understand and be educated in Cryptocurrency, prevent others being scammed and create financial freedom for many through a balanced Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

Cryptocurrency Getting Started and Portfolio Plans

Learn how to balance investing in platforms while also staying in control of some or all of your funds. I also focus on different strategies for investing in coins and platforms.

I strongly encourage people to hold both platforms to grow cryptocurrency and an alt portfolio that is 100% within your own control. It is ideal to have a diversified and balanced portfolio with systems in place so that your alt portfolio is consistently growing.

Slow and Steady Platforms

Learn about some platforms for steady passive cryptocurrency growth.

These platforms are registered in their respective countries. As such they are solid, compliant and tend to offer better returns than those found in traditional banking. Some offer easy compounding and while others don't, some are riskier, others less so. Some rely on your contributions to grow your holdings while others need more attention from you.

Solid growth, more passive returns, hands free options!

Larger Capital Longer Return and Smaller Capital, Quicker Return Platforms

These platforms offer a higher return (and relatively higher risk).

To maximise the growth (and minimise the risk) you may want to check in more frequently. A faster withdrawal rate is ideal and recommended.

These platforms may have a lower starting minimum - sometimes as little as a couple of dollars. Generally speaking, these platforms offer exciting avenues for faster growth.

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