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My name is Rebecca, I am a wife and mum of three amazing kids. I am passionate about travelling and building wealth.

From 2006 we have travelled the world living in 7 countries and counting.

I have spent years in customer service, banking, finance, insurance and more to fund our many adventures.

Once our children arrived it prompted me to look outside of the normal jobs to be able to live our dreams. Like many parents, everything we do is for them.

Over the last year I have dedicated myself to learning all I can about not just Cryptocurrency in general but specifics on types and individual coins, portfolio strategies for balanced growth as well as analysing and investing in a wide variety of platforms for passive growth.

I am passionate about helping those who want to help themselves to create a better future for them and their family. I firmly believe where value goes, profit will follow. Everyone can benefit from holding a balanced and diversified portfolio. You can learn more about building a balanced portfolio in my blog post here.

I recommend anyone investing should endeavour to be debt free first if possible, follow a budget and make Cryptocurrency a part of a regular savings plan. When savings is automated, accumulation is both easier to maintain as well as more effective. I discuss some ways to do this in my blogs Automatic Saving Tools – CryptoGrowth and Consistent wealth building – CryptoGrowth As the market has been maturing there are more options for legitimate, registered and transparent platforms and they are becoming more prevalent.

Cryptocurrency can be overwhelming. I'm happy to help with any questions. My best value service is a simplified 3 month Portfolio Plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan. Alternatively check out my freebies under start here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today!

Cryptocurrency offers a massive opportunity for growth. I believe it is an opportunity that ANYONE can, and should, take advantage of.


# of coins grown over 3,000%

# of countries I lived in

# of platforms invested in

% increase in portfolio in 6 months

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Email: rebecca@cryptogrowth.info

Phone: +61466 662 513


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