Success Factory with DagCoin


Success Factory and Dagcoin

Success Factory provides a platform for you to purchase Dagcoin, as well as providing both education and referral benefits if you are interested in promoting the cryptocurrency to new merchants.

Founded at the end of 2016 by Nils Grossberg and based out of Estonia, Nils was first exposed to this concept by OneCoin. Unfortunately he soon realised that the plans OneCoin had were not technically solid so he ventured forth to create this idea alongside some established developers, correctly registered and compliant with European legislation.

Success Factory was created to be the hub for the business. Dagcoin is the native Success Factory coin now used by thousands of merchants worldwide and also available on a prominant Estonian exchange. By offering a coin that uses tangle technology DagCoin is faster and cheaper than many other cryptocurrencies while offering just as effective security. With a lucrative commission structure (of which 35% is paid in Dags and held in escrow for 3 years), promoters have a vested interest in encouraging merchant adoption. This is a great eco system that is designed to be sustainable for the long term and provide steady growth for both Dag holders and promoters. You can be a Dag holder, a Merchant Promoter or both. You can take this platform as far as it resonates with you.

Benefits of being a Dag holder

   Fast and cheap transactions (300x faster than Bitcoin and 30x cheaper)

   Promoters have enforced escrow of part commissions (this helps keep the coin value stable for holders and encourages continual growth in coin value)

   Open Source

   Ecologically friendly – Dags are not mined

  300x faster than BTC and 30x cheaper transaction fees

   User friendly for even the most novice crypto users

   Steadily increasing value of Dags due to the structure of the business (this is NOT a guarantee of profits)

Benefits of being a Merchant Promoter

   Great product and service

   Licenced and registered

   Residual commissions and bonuses potentially indefinitely

   Combination of Euro and Dags (held in escrow) for commissions

When looking at platforms and structuring your portfolio it can be helpful to check out this blog post on Different Platforms for CryptoGrowth.

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