Shrimpy is a fantastic platform that automatically rebalances your portfolio at times and terms chosen by you.

Based on extensive backtesting for over a year and using more than 100,000 data points (actual varied portfolios) determined that had portfolios been rebalanced regularly they would have returned 64% more than holding the currencies alone (this is net and takes into account transaction fees).

Here are the results from the data collected. The more frequently the portfolio was rebalanced with a larger number of coins in the portfolio yielded the better returns.

Shrimpy connects to your exchange through API keys and does trades for you automatically. YOU set the frequency and the portfolio parameters in the dashboard of your account. You may change them whenever, force a rebalancing at the click of a button, see other details on popular portfolios as well as other portfolio performances including an average rate of return. This is absolutely fantastic especially as it is entirely FREE! You may upgrade to Premium for a low monthly fee of $8.99 (or as little as $7/month average by paying for 12 months via Coinpayments) and unlock additional features.

Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms. For customised one on one assistance including a 3 month step by step Portfolio plan click here.


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