Ledger Nano



Once you have started building a significant or long term portfolio, you should seriously consider investing in a secure wallet for your Cryptocurrency storage needs.

Ledger Nano is the first and only certified hardware wallet. The Ledger supports over 1100 currencies but please note from experience you will probably want to limit the Cryptocurrencies to under 5. The device is controlled by only 2 buttons and with the back up password if your physical device is ever lost or stolen you will still be able to secure your Cryptocurrency. Shipping is free

Please note, you should always securely back up your private keys in at least 2 separate physical locations and never online. If you don't own the private keys you don't truly own the coins. You may also like to also buy the Nano X (also available as a bundle package through the above link) or alternatively get a Cryptosteel to provide you with indestructible security for your backup passwords.



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