Gunbot is a highly recommended crypto trading software that allows for automated crypto trading 24/7. Created by Gunthar De Niro in 2016 it operates on both Windows and Mac and is consistently reviewed and adapted for changing market conditions. There are a wide variety of exchanges it works on and Gunbot can accommodate a variety of skill levels from absolute beginner to the truly experienced.

Using Gunbot helps allow for emotionless trading by acting on technical analysis such as Bollinger bands and does it all without you having to influence it. If you are interested in learning about trading or have some experience Gunbot has a passionate community, free resources and lots of options that allow easy customisation for even better returns.

To activate the bot you must first purchase the bot, download software and link it to your exchange through activating the API keys. There are lots of fantastic videos that walk you through how to set this all up when you purchase.

No platform is entirely without risk. Any automated software will perform as it is programmed to do in the situations it has been programmed for. Once the situation changes for any reason the returns will vary too. Remember as well that any funds held on an exchange are not truly yours so make sure you only leave trading funds in there and regularly withdraw excess profits to your private wallet.


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