Earning and Free Cryptocurrency


Here are some options for you to earn or gain free Cryptocurrency.

Presearch is a search engine that earns you Cryptocurrency! You can earn Presearch Tokens every time you search on the browser and can earn 25 Presearch tokens by clicking on my link here.

Beta Bounty – reward you for freelance work. You can vet or review platforms, whitepapers, advertising and so much more. You can also create or write up plans for the businesses or check or review others work and get paid in Crypto direct to your wallet. Check it out here.

Crowdholding – is similar to Beta Bounty only you get paid in the native Yup and it is a somewhat simpler, more informal platform. You can register here.

Other options for include Hashing Ad Space where you earn Asimi for viewing short advertisements, and Faucets where you can earn primarily from clicking on links as well as a variety of other tasks.

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