If you are looking for an outstanding trading platform that offers practically everything you can't go past CryptoHopper!

CryptoHopper was created by two brothers, Ruud Feltkamp and Pim Feltkamp, and has rapidly grown since September 2017. This platform makes trading gains accessible for both novice and experienced traders as well as those who do and do not want further education regarding trading.

By offering options that suit the individual, people can choose to get as involved as they like. People can choose to be passive and use a ready made Hopper that works based on fixed signals, they can choose to mirror traders based on reviews and history or create their own bot based on more than 120 trading indicators and candle patterns. You can use (or create) a wide variety of Hoppers that suit you, your risk tolerance, capital and needs/skills. If you are a trader you can sell your own trading bot within the platforms marketplace.

This is the type of platform that can truly suit a persons changing needs and availability in trading. Offering comprehensive statistical analysis, back testing and an ability to reserve funds there is a huge amount of value in this platform. In fact CryptoHopper has been named one of the fastest growing start ups in The Netherlands and has featured in Forbes, Coindesk, Blockonomi and many more.

CryptoHopper is truly amazing and comprehensive. You can register to receive a 7 day free trial after which you may subscribe from as little as $19 a month, payable in a wide variety of options including Paypal and cryptocurrency (I use PayPal myself). The site is frequently updated, there is a very supportive community and there are lots of resources and education to help you learn as much as you want. Note: For some resources you will need to subscribe to Teachable. Also note: Some signals and templates are available at an additional charge and usually include 3 months worth of free updates.


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