Creating an Alt Portfolio

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Building an Alt Portfolio that only you control is critical for the long term. It is often all too easy to put away coins into a variety of platforms and leave you overexposed to risk. When you don't hold the private keys, then you don't truly own it. Conversely it can be very easy to over-diversify into far too many risky or volatile coins.


In this PowerPoint I cover


* The importance of knowing yourself


* Two sample Alt Portfolios


* Why it's good to work towards having a solid 6 core coin portfolio


* What to look for when researching and choosing coins


* What to do next…

Once you've set up an Alt Portfolio you may want to consider setting up some platforms to grow your Crypto through. Click here for the downloadable PowerPoint presentation. You can also learn more about the differences between platforms by checking out my blog post here

For customised one on one assistance including a 3 month step by step Portfolio plan click here.


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