CoinBundle – a new investment platform.



CoinBundle offers investors the chance to purchase bundles of cryptocurrencies from as little as $10 and can be paid for in Fiat or Crypto. There are several prearranged packages with customised options coming soon. CoinBundle is backed by several significant angel investors and advisors including Katherine Hensel, Michael Sinclair and Sir Michael Barber. This is a fantastic way to securely build a varied portfolio that suits your interests whether it's through regular or irregular deposits.

  • Funds are insured by Lloyds of London
  • Registered in The Philippines
  • Solid supporters, investors and founders with very impressive track records
  • 2FA
  • Aiming to introduce ETF's
  • Available to people in more than 140 countries (currently exluding the USA and other countries not friendly to cryptocurrency)
  • Zero fees
  • One click investing
  • Military grade security
  • Spend more that $100 on bundles and receive an additional $5 for free when you have registered using the button above or click here. If you would like more knowledge about building a portfolio click here to download a free PowerPoint presentation or here for a blog post. 

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