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Cloud Token is a decentralised wallet created by Ronald Aai, Sheng Zhao (investor and co-founder of World Blockchain Forum) and Matthew Suen. These men have significant reputations in the Asian cryptocurrency community. The Cloud Token platform is a gateway to a variety of products and services including a crypto debit card and AI arbitrage trading bot which shows trading in real time! For more details on the technology behind Cloud Token click here. It’s a decentralised wallet with 4.0 generation blockchain technology, it has an AI DApp that pays 10-15% monthly in Cloud tokens for storing crypto there, there is a live tracking feed of AI trading and a credit card that is already available, plus many more exciting developments in the works.

We can benefit by storing crypto in the AI trading bot and receiving daily returns of Cloud tokens. We can also choose to promote and receive Cloud tokens equivalent to the dollar value of our downlines (please note if you choose to promote you will only be eligible to receive commissions if your balance doesn't fall under $500USD in any one cryptocurrency). Cloud tokens are currently valued at 44.2 cents but started at 30cents in prelaunch. Can you imagine the growth potential from being in early with Cloud Tokens and earning and stacking Cloud tokens?

This business is very exciting and ground floor. Top notch developers and the backing of some significant investors means this is an opportunity not to be missed. When you have downloaded the app (it is available on both Google Play and iOS but it is best to access and download it from here) please use my referral number 1104983010 to gain access. If you require further information or to stay updated please join the Facebook group here.

To activate the Jarvis AI trading bot the minimum is $50 however most people are putting in at least $600USD. This way they are eligible to receive commissions (100% of the first level directs, 50% of second level and 5% from levels 3-10) paid in Cloud Tokens or merely to take advantage and accrue lots of Cloud Token coins while it is low. Once you have deposited your chosen Cryptocurrency and it arrives in your wallet, you will click projects then Jarvis AI to allocate your Cryptocurrency to work for you.

Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms.

To access a simplified 3 month plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan. Alternatively check out my freebies under start here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today!


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