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Many companies claim you can receive interest for holding your Cryptocurrency in a wallet. Usually this means you are giving your coins to a company and earning through arbitrage (a la Cloud Token). Celsius however is not of that ilk.

Celsius allows users to store Cryptocurrency in the app and the Cryptocurrency is pooled and funds are loaned out. Interest is up to 10% a year paid and recalculated and paid weekly on Mondays. There are no minimums or maximums for deposits.

Alternatively users may choose to utilise the business for a loan as Celsius currently offers low rates of only 4.95%. Not only that but you can also use Celsius to pay friends and family instantly. Did I also mention that ALL services are FEE FREE!

This is a slow and steady platform, but it still offers superior rates than in the banking sector. This is a fantastic and unique business that could be a forerunner of the new types of platforms we can expect to see in this space.

Note: When you use the link above on a mobile phone, it should automatically register using my referral link. If you do need my code however, it is 133649a33a.



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