Note – most mining is either not profitable or of limited profitability currently and will take some time before initial investment has been reached especially if not promoting.

Bitclub offers several facets to its business. Starting with Mining in 2014 through to the latest offering, Bitclub Trader there is always something exciting happening. Bitclub provides a regular return in mined Bitcoin that can be compounded, withdrawn or both – hands-free. You can open multiple positions (or sharing) to create additional benefits. Bitclub has a strong history operating since 2014, paying consistently, regularly increasing Petahash and paying out a fantastic commission plan.

Bitclub Trader offers you a trading bot that works on up to 8 cryptocurrency exchanges and has been averaging 10 – 15% monthly returns. Your funds stay in your account with Trader. There is risk but it is reduced. I have not found this to be an effective passive trader however I only have a relatively small trading account and this apparently is more effective with larger account sizes.

The aggressive plan means the system is heavily weighted towards promoters or those with the funds to cluster positions within the business. With Bitclub having a 30 day escrow (downtime) period this is longer than many other mining platforms before you start receiving returns. The minimum entry cost is $599 to earn ($99 admin/set up cost + $500 pool). HOWEVER this is very hands-free with transparency on the blockchain – currently Bitclub is mining approximately 5% of all Bitcoin worldwide! This is the only company view-able on the blockchain at this time and has been consistently showing since 2015. Bitclub is not without risk but the risk is smaller than many other platforms out there. This is one of the ultimate set and forget platforms with modest returns for cryptocurrency platforms.

If you wish to discuss the best cluster of accounts or sharing the business with others please contact me via the Contact page or by clicking on a social media icon. To learn more about mining click here, strategies click here or simply click here to register for free.


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