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If you love faucets then you'll love A.I.M! Offering promo packs from $25 – $50,000USD you pay and receive a daily return of capital* of between 110 – 140% over 155 days. In that time you must click 9 advertisements for 9 seconds each to receive that days returns. Simple! Best yet at the same time you are also purchasing advertising credit that you can use (if you choose) for your own website/referral link/banners and more.

History and Point of Difference

Based in Slovakia and established on the 18th March 2018 the business has numerous sponsorships with large corporations for advertising which is how they afford such good returns. The market has primarily been focused in central Europe – Slovakia, Germany, and Austria however they have been consistently expanding around the world. This is a strong platform that has been going from strength to strength, managed by the owners of the largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer in Europe and run profitably on its own without external recruitment.

Benefits over similar platforms are that the returns can be more significant. Not only that, no matter what your investment, you only ever have to click 9 ads. This is really simple and being paid in US dollars provides a good hedge against Bitcoin fluctuations.

This is a really simple process with a clear, user friendly back office. A.I.M. also allows you an opportunity to promote and drive traffic to your own affiliate/referral links or websites. First step is to register by clicking the button Start viewing and earning here today!

Setting up instructions

Once you have registered, click on My Account and link your email address and update your timezone. After this you will need to activate the account with one advertising site to start with. This could be a simple referral link. If you are unsure at all on setting that up you can contact myself and I can assist you or even create the account for you. Here is a video showing the steps on placing an advertisement.

Once you have activated your account you may purchase your Promopack!

Click Promopacks then the pink plus circle in the bottom right hand corner. You can choose to also specifically purchase text, banner and html advertising. Payment for the packages are available in a variety of cryptocurrencies. This platform is not for everyone as you should commit to at least trying to log in daily to maximise your returns and you must do Know Your Customer to make a withdrawal. (However, if you ever know you will be unable to click on your ads in a day or for a period of time you are welcome to let me know and share your log in details and I will click for you so you do not miss out on profits.)

*A return of capital is where part of the principle and interest is paid back at the same time every day.

Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms. For customised one on one assistance including a 3 month step by step Portfolio plan click here.

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