Morpher is a new and exciting exchange soon to launch.

Who is behind Morpher

Founded by Martin Froehler and Denis Bykov in 2018. Martin Froehler has an extensive background as a mathematician and in quantative finance he has been experienced in managing a quantative research firm in Zurich and founded a decentralized quantitative hedge fund in Silicon Valley. He has now turned his attention to creating Morpher, built on the Ethereum blockchain to allow traders to trade 24/7 virtually any asset quickly and easily. Denis Bykov is an engineer, Stanford educated and an ex Product Manager at Apple.

What is Morpher?

Morpher is a new type of exchange that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and provides trading without external parties beyond the blockchain and sidechain. Morpher offers no fees, high liquidity and the ability to purchase and trade 24/7 virtually anything – Cryptocurrency, stocks, gold and more. Morpher has the backing of the legendary Tim Draper whose business Draper Associates, provided the seed capital. 

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Issues Morpher solves

  • High costs charged by middlemen by cutting them out and using the blockchain instead
  • Limited access to markets for the average person or trader
  • Limited hours of access for trading
  • Lack of liquidity
  • High minimum requirements for trades
  • Eliminates banks, brokers, exchanges

How Morpher works

Using Morpher tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens can convert to any asset that is required. When a person stakes a token on the blockchain, the token replicates the rewards provided by the asset. So for example if you stake 100 Morpher tokens on Tesla and Tesla increases 10%, you will receive 110 tokens. Because it's on the Ethereum blockchain it can take advantage of the smart contract function. In this way there are flexible options for adaptation to market changes in the future and can work in markets where there is very low liquidity. You can short Apple for as little $5 on a Sunday – this is revolutionary and a new step forward in an exchange for the future.

 A bright future ahead

Morpher offers a fascinating alternative to traditional exchanges by cutting out the middlemen, opening up the market, reducing costs, offering 24/7 trading capabilities and easy access. You can become an early adopter by registering for free here, and receiving a bonus credit on your account. Register today and receive a $60 USD credit in native tokens once you complete Know Your Customer (KYC). Please note, the rewards will halve after the first 10,000 members have completed KYC. Read more about other ways to receive Free Cryptocurrency in my post here.
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