Higher Yield CryptoGrowth Platforms

Smaller Capital Quicker Return Platforms

The following platforms are higher risk than the Slow and Steady platforms, but offer a faster paced excitement that doesn't require a big outlay in Cryptocurrency. If you can be diligent and stick to a solid withdrawal strategy, these platforms as well as the ones in the Larger Capital Longer Term category listed beneath, can be highly profitable and fun.

Telegram Bots

Telegram bots have had a fantastic run from mid 2017 until September/October 2018 when iCenter – the largest and most stable – scammed out. Several other reliable bots failed following this which has tarred the reputation of Telegram bots in general. To start with any Telegram bots you must first have downloaded Telegram to your device.

Since then there have been very few bots showing genuine potential.

I would be very wary of using any Telegram bot without a very tight withdrawal strategy and would only put play funds in.

Remember, whenever you don't hold the private keys you don't truly own the coins. These are HYIPs and as such identifiying the risk and using a suitable withdrawal strategy is critical.

Higher Capital Long Term Platforms

The following platforms operate best when $500USD+ is deposited. These often tend towards mining businesses and usually have an MLM/binary component to them for those interested in promoting or referring others. Therefore these platforms tend to work best for promoters and may offer more limited profitability for passive investors.

Genesis is a cloud mining platform operating since 2013. You can receive 3% bonus hashpower when using my code fSQFKN Whenever signing up for any mining always check to see expectations of crypto returns through websites such as cryptocompare. More information can be found in my blog hereNote – most mining is either not profitable or of limited profitability currently and will take some time before initial investment has been reached especially if not promoting.

21 CoinWorld

21 Coin World has launched in the English speaking market mid 2018. Previously based purely in Lichtenstein, Germany and Austria the business has been modelled on Bitclub and slowly grown since January 2017.

What 21 CoinWorld offers – 
  Mining contracts for 2000 days in Ethereum

  Mining using FPGA mining equipment – more efficient and greener than ASIC's. 
  Daily payouts from the day following payment – NO waiting!
 Very user friendly website
 Easy and hands free compounding
  Alliances in place with key technological businesses including Bit & Coin
  Website in 20 languages
  Regular webinars 3 times a week for different time zones

New update! Following a partnership with Red Rocket Solutuions, members of 21 Coin World are also able to buy, promote and sell portable hand held Bitcoin Point of Sale (PoS) devices! See more details in the Shop here.

Service Features


These platforms are very quick and easy to set up! For Telegram, once you have installed it, you simply click on the relevant links, press start and follow the prompts.

Once you want to withdraw there are very rarely delays and you can always follow any transaction on the blockchain. 

High Profit

Higher risk platforms offer fantastic yields compared to virtually other traditional investments, not just those that are fiat based. Please remember that higher rates often mean higher risk. Rates do vary and it is VERY important to assess the transparency and details of any platform before investing. Know the risk and know yourself to minimise your risks.


When getting involved in any platform it's important to understand what support options there are. Website based platforms often have internal support messaging systems in place and may have Facebook or Telegram and also trading history or validation. When vetting a platform read my post with tips on due diligence here. I often test out support as it can give an indication on the business. 


The so-called eighth wonder of the world – many platforms allow for compounding so you can really capitalise on your coins. This can create massive growth! 

Please always remember to have a strategy going in so that you do not become over weighted in any platform and not never risk more than you can afford to lose.

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