How to Earn Money Online by Clicking Ads

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You can earn cash or cryptocurrency (depending on the platform) by simply logging into a website and clicking a button or viewing an advertisement. Some platforms require no upfront payment, others offer a return of capital (where your returns include both principle and interest).

How can they pay?

Simply put, the websites sell advertising to affiliates and businesses. Part of the profit is given as a reward for clicking on the link or viewing the ad. This can be a share of the profit or a fixed rate of return. As a viewer you don't need to buy anything on the website link. Just you clicking the links helps the businesses gain exposure.

As returns are relatively small per click, these do require you to put in some effort and the best returns come if you can consistently do it every day. I have a wide variety of faucets and platforms. I make it part of my routine to click every morning when I turn on the computer and every night before bed. This is a very effective way to earn from nothing or to even get a significant return of capital depending on the platform you choose and the effort you make. It takes a very small amount of time to do this – for all platforms I use (over a dozen) the total time is under 10 minutes. The most difficult thing for most people is simply making it a part of your routine. Consistency really does pay off.

Platforms you can earn or grow through PPC

Advert International Marketing (a.i.m.) is my favourite fiat based Pay Per Click (PPC) system. Offering promo packs from $25 – $50,000USD you pay and receive a daily return of capital of between 110 – 140% over 155 days. In that time you must click 9 advertisements for 10 seconds each to receive that days returns. A.i.m is superior to other similar PPC as it is very easy to do, you don't have to click more than 9 ads regardless of how many promopacks are bought and a.i.m. have genuine external sponsorship so they are not requiring affiliate promotion to achieve payouts. If you would like to learn more about this platform click here.



I have blogged previously about Free Cryptocurrency which you can read by clicking on the link there. Below are some of my favourites that pay well consistently. For more specific details, please refer to my blog Free Cryptocurrency or go here and scroll down. NOTE: Ensure you set up a Coinpot account first, and transfer to an external wallet every 6 months or when you have enough in your account that you would not want to lose.

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