Cryptocurrency Portfolio Plans

Getting started

Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting vehicle for technological development and wealth creation. This area is perfect for operating as a hedge against traditional investments with potential for massive growth available to those ready to take a measured risk.

The Getting Started PowerPoint covers the basics in getting started with cryptocurrency –

* The different ways to get cryptocurrency

* What types of exchanges are there with several links

* Typical steps in setting up exchanges

* Different cryptocurrency wallets with several links to reputable ones

* Where to from here…


Creating an Alt Portfolio

* Being well diversified can offer far greater returns than simply holding Bitcoin itself.
* When you hold the private keys it is more secure than relying on other people or businesses to profit for you.
* It gives you a greater knowledge and a vested interest in taking control of your finances.
* Holding an Alt portfolio can help you establish a vault for a long term future that you can access immediately if need be.

Building an Alt Portfolio that only you control is critical for the long term. It is often all too easy to put away coins into a variety of platforms and leave you overexposed to risk. When you don't hold the private keys, then you don't truly own it. Conversely it can be very easy to over-diversify into far too many risky or volatile coins.

In this PowerPoint I cover

* The importance of knowing yourself

* Two sample Alt Portfolios

* Why it's good to work towards having a solid 6 core coin portfolio

* What to look for when researching and choosing coins

* What to do next…

It's important to KNOW YOURSELF, your RISK TOLERANCE and the GOALS you have when setting up your portfolio.

Platforms for CryptoGrowth

Cryptocurrency offers fantastic opportunities for massive growth in both the short and long term. Growing your holdings in a balanced and diversified way is important.

Once you have determined how much your starting budget is for platforms and alt coins and selected the core portfolio coins you can start purchasing your position. You can either stagger purchases (such as by dollar cost averaging) or all at the one time. Ideally you will make building your overall crypto portfolio a part of a regular routine.

In my PowerPoint presentation I cover –

* Different types of platforms

*How to choose what works for you

*Identifying risks and scams

*Common scams

*A summary of my active platforms for easy comparison.

I recommend reviewing your entire portfolio every 3-6 months to ensure you don't become overweighted in cap weighting.

If you would like to look into getting customised recommendations that suit your requirements please contact me through Social Media on the left or through Contact Me.

Service Features

Monthly Email Updates

When you sign up for my monthly updates I include 1 or 2 highlighted platforms I am involved in, information on 2 coins I believe are showing strong growth over the month as well as information on cryptocurrency portfolio management. I never promote businesses I am not invested in and will always include relevant links you can use to register with.

Personalised help

I will help you get your portfolio established to 100% functionality. If you are needing brokerage to access bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and wish to have it set up on your behalf I can currently arrange that in 4 countries and counting for $25USD+ admin fee and 10% buffer. I am available to discuss or create ideas that suit YOU. Contact me here.


Cryptocurrency can be overwhelming and result in people not getting started because it seems so complex. I aim to remove the difficulties, break it down so it is tailored for you. I guide and educate on possibilities as I want you to take ownership in the end. I want to see more people succeeding and enjoying the profits that are available in this revolutionary space.

Customised plans

For those ready to propel their plans I offer a customised report to limited people on my mailing list. These reports are comprehensive and offer step by step options tailored for you over a 3 month period. These reports are valued at 0.02BTC and can take up to 5 days to create. If you would like to enquire please contact me here.

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