Consistency is key.

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 As the saying goes, if it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. If you want to build your long term wealth there are many options available. Before going through some options, knowing yourself is critical. Only by knowing your goals, strengths and weaknesses can you truly understand how best to plan your budget, savings and portfolio. You can read more about knowing yourself in my blog here

Why Cryptocurrency?

Today there are more people than ever before looking to cryptocurrency as a potential for long term growth. This is not surprising as it has returned far greater highs over the last 10 years than real estate, stock market or commodities. As it is becoming more widely adopted by mainstream businesses, individuals and governments, and adapted for a wider technological use, it shows great potential growth. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a wide utility and are disrupting many industries – from music, hedge funds, voting, security, advertising and many, many more. Personally, I believe everyone should consider holding a cryptocurrency portfolio – even if it's simply as a hedge and only contains Bitcoin. Getting involved with cryptocurrency is not without risk but the rewards can be astronomical. Always ensure any decisions you make you are confident in and have done your due diligence. If you would like to learn more about choosing coins you can click here.

Why be consistent?

Being consistent is HARD. Most people fail to consistently stick with anything over the mid-long term – be it a budget and savings/investing plan or a diet and exercise plan. This is why many people have both automation and chosen consistent investment options in place that suit their needs. This often includes retirement funds and savings accounts but there are other options available. You may have a very tight budget, live in a country where automation is not available, or simply wish to have control over what is placed where on a regular basis. I have two fantastic platforms that are low risk, registered and compliant in up to 140 countries and offer an easy way to add to your portfolio an amount and at a time that suits YOU.

Easy Consistent Options for Growth

Nodexo is a fantastic way to get involved with Masternodes at a low price. Currently offering masternodes in 8 different coins with more being added, Nodexo is an EU registered company, affiliated with The Crypto Police. Returns are based on the masternode returns (determined by coin choice, currently roughly between 20 – 110% a year) and fees are taken from the Masternode returns at 5% – a nominal fee for the work in setting up and maintaining the Masternodes themselves. If you would like to learn more about Masternodes read my blog here or to register for an account with Nodexo click here

CoinBundle is a fantastic, registered and insured platform that allows you to buy a choice of 6 preset bundles of cryptocurrency from as little as $10 in either fiat or crypto. This is possibly the easiest way to start building a basic cryptocurrency portfolio. If you spend $100 or more we both receive $5 as a thank you from CoinBundle. Learn more in the Shop or register for free here

If you are considering using one or both of these platforms you will want to ensure you are consistent and have the ability to regularly contribute especially if you start with a low amount. REMEMBER the easiest way to grow an account is to have a set and forget system in place – in other words automatic contributions made consistently. If you decide more automation is something you are interested in check out my blog here where I cover some options for easy, automated savings.


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