Signs of Online Scams – What to watch out for

Signs of Online Scams – What to watch out for

Signs of online Scams

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

Cryptocurrency is frequently referred to as being a bit of a Wild West environment. It's true, this is, at the end of the day an unregulated market where volatility is standard, security and self ownership is crucial and you can easily make or lose a fortune in a short period of time. As such, it is very important to be aware of the signs of online scams in order to protect you and your account. There will always be less than scrupulous people actively trying to relieve you (or scam you) of your Cryptocurrency.

Key Red Flags When Looking at an Online Business

Below I include some red flags you should look for in businesses before you store or grow your Cryptocurrency there.

  • Offering unrealistic and unsustainable high returns
  • Claims of returns with no externally verifiable way to prove it (always check over information yourself – it’s your crypto after all)
  • Having an unnamed team of experienced traders/professionals
  • Owners (if named) having no other digital footprint
  • Owners having a digital footprint that has clearly been made up
  • Owners having promoted scams or dubious companies in the past
  • Using words like ‘guarantee’ or ‘risk proof’
  • Poor spelling or grammar
  • Showing a simple registration document (one that is cheap and easily available and requires no proof of business activity) and claiming that is proof of legitimacy
  • Using complicated words, not being able to explain a concept simply and clearly
  • They use pressure tactics or over-hype
  • Not being registered or compliant with the appropriate governing overseers (SEC for example)
  • Company is based out of a virtual office and or based in a tax and extradition haven (frequently Dubai, Panama, Vanuatu)
  • Check out and if the website is recently created, created anonymously and has only been purchased for a year, this is a big red flag

These are not exhaustive and some red flags are more obvious than others. Always do your due diligence, and trust your instincts.

Worth the risk?

Higher risk platforms can provide ambiguous answers to several of the questions and you may well decide to invest there if you feel the risk is worth the reward. However, I would recommend if you do, to limit the number of platforms of higher risk you get involved with as they can change quickly. I have two categories of higher risk platforms to grow your wealth with. You can read about my Smaller Capital Quicker returns here and my Larger Capital Longer Term Platforms here.

Once Invested in a Platform be Aware of these Red Flags

Once you have assessed the platform and if you do decide to use it to either store or grow your Cryptocurrency, you will want to regularly reassess with fresh and unbiased eyes. Key red flags to look out for then include –

  • Changes to minimum/maximum deposits and withdrawals
  • A shift in the way things have always been done (suddenly restricting withdrawal windows or amounts, or implementing KYC)
  • Excessive hype regarding the platform or the people involved with the platform
  • Delays in payments
  • Offering excessive promotions
  • Providing distractions to stated plans or everyday running of the business

Listen to your Gut

Remember as well, your gut instinct is often right. The best way to be attuned to it is to know yourself and to understand the inherent risks of the platform. Know if you are an investor or a promoter. If you are an investor try to stay away from companies that offer binary/MLM structure (or get in early and keep to a strict withdrawal strategy), as generally to benefit from that you must want and be able to promote, to truly benefit from the platform.

Something for Everyone

The great thing about Cryptocurrency is that there is truly something for everyone. If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like a step by step guide that is tailor-made for you then consider a 3 month Portfolio Plan. You're welcome to get in touch to discuss any questions and join my Facebook Group Crypto All in All.

Bitcoin Merchandise

Bitcoin Merchandise

Bitcoin Gear sold here!

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

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How to Invest with Cryptocurrency

How to Invest with Cryptocurrency

Investing with Cryptocurrency

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

Cryptocurrency is a fast moving and exciting world. There are numerous ways to profit from it but many of the old adages ring true – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I believe everyone should hold a cryptocurrency portfolio. Whether it is simply to buy Bitcoin, or to create a portfolio and add to it either occasionally or regularly. If this is something you are interested in learning about check out my blog post here and PowerPoint Presentation available in the shop here.

Many people like to grow their cryptocurrency once they have it. Just as Bitcoin can provide a hedge against fiat, platforms can provide a hedge against crypto volatility. There are a wide variety of platforms you can use to grow your coins with – from the legitimate, to the outright scam and everything in between. Although cryptocurrency is unregulated and is not universally defined (it is considered an asset, commodity or currency depending on which country you live in), businesses must still adhere to the local governing bodies rules and restrictions in their business undertakings. To learn more about general investing rules and red flags click here.

Identifying different types of platforms

It's important to understand that not all platforms are equal. A few are legitimate and follow all rules and regulations. Others work within grey areas and are somewhat compliant. Far, far more are scams – from the elaborate to the downright obvious. Choosing a platform that suits you and your risk tolerance is therefore critical. Below I outline the three categories I use.

Slow and Steady, Registered and Secure.

These are the companies who try to stay above board in everything they do. These businesses are in it for the long haul. They tend to offer low returns over a longer time period and often do not rely or require large or fast growth to achieve returns. They tend to offer referral benefits if anything and are therefore more affiliate based which is more suitable for longevity. Although they may fail – as any business might – there is less risk of this happening than many other companies in this space. I list some of these companies I like and promote here under Slow and Steady, Registered and Secure.

Larger Capital Longer Term Platforms.

Some companies will try to meet some surface aspects of compliance – they might work with wording or operate in the grey and undefined areas. After all cryptocurrency is fast moving and often operates in grey areas because Governments, laws and general bureaucracy are cumbersome and slow. These companies generally want to be around for the mid – long term but are also focused on high returns and getting big fast which can be their undoing. They are often structured using MLM or binary systems which are highly rewarding for large scale promoters but not necessarily so for a simple investor. These companies often have a considerable starting point (usually from $500USD), come with a greater risk and as such are usually listed further down under Higher Capital Long Term Platforms

Smaller Capital, Quicker Return Platforms

Other companies I work with are in the Smaller Capital, Quicker Return Platforms category. I have only a few selected and trusted ones as although this category is the most common and requires less of a capital outlay, they tend to be the riskiest. These platforms usually do not attempt to follow the governing rules and regulations. They often want quick gains and are too often scams or else have several significant red flags. In rare cases they are genuine and operating in a very grey area or are uneducated/misadvised in registration requirements. Some of these companies will hope to last, while others are wanting to get as many people to deposit as quickly as possible before they disappear. 

Even so, there are a few gems and with many of these companies it is possible to profit depending on both your entry and the strategy you use while in the platform. (The ethics of this is debateable and you must determine if the risk is worth the payout for you.) 

You should understand and acknowledge the category of platform before getting involved as well as your withdrawal strategy and make sure you regularly review the platform with fresh unbiased eyes. My favourite Shorter Term, Higher Yield Platforms are listed here.

Know Yourself and What Platforms Suit YOU

This world of Cryptocurrency is fast moving and exciting, with many varied opportunities that can suit anyone. Stick with platforms that suit your wants and needs. Don't be too heavily weighted in one platform category. If you are wanting a set and forget and don’t have the desire or ability to check in on a platform regularly then buying half a masternode in Nodexo would be a better option than getting involved in Cloud Token. If you want to be hands-on and enjoy seeing significant daily progress, then a Promo Pack with a.i.m. would be much better for you than a 21CoinWorld mining contract. Look at every platform for key red flags when doing your due diligence and assess if the risk is worth it for you. Only you can determine what suits you. Remember, always use Platforms to help grow your own crypto Portfolio for the long term. To learn more about creating a balanced portfolio click here.


To access a simplified 3 month plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan. Alternatively check out my freebies under start here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today!

Please note these categories are not fixed – it’s possible for a high capital platform to make no effort to stay within the regulation restrictions. It’s also possible for Shorter Term, Higher Yield Platforms to adhere with rules and be legitimate.


Consistent wealth building

Consistent wealth building

Consistency is key.

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

 As the saying goes, if it's important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. If you want to build your long term wealth there are many options available. Before going through some options, knowing yourself is critical. Only by knowing your goals, strengths and weaknesses can you truly understand how best to plan your budget, savings and portfolio. You can read more about knowing yourself in my blog here

Why Cryptocurrency?

Today there are more people than ever before looking to cryptocurrency as a potential for long term growth. This is not surprising as it has returned far greater highs over the last 10 years than real estate, stock market or commodities. As it is becoming more widely adopted by mainstream businesses, individuals and governments, and adapted for a wider technological use, it shows great potential growth. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a wide utility and are disrupting many industries – from music, hedge funds, voting, security, advertising and many, many more. Personally, I believe everyone should consider holding a cryptocurrency portfolio – even if it's simply as a hedge and only contains Bitcoin. Getting involved with cryptocurrency is not without risk but the rewards can be astronomical. Always ensure any decisions you make you are confident in and have done your due diligence. If you would like to learn more about choosing coins you can click here.

Why be consistent?

Being consistent is HARD. Most people fail to consistently stick with anything over the mid-long term – be it a budget and savings/investing plan or a diet and exercise plan. This is why many people have both automation and chosen consistent investment options in place that suit their needs. This often includes retirement funds and savings accounts but there are other options available. You may have a very tight budget, live in a country where automation is not available, or simply wish to have control over what is placed where on a regular basis. I have two fantastic platforms that are low risk, registered and compliant in up to 140 countries and offer an easy way to add to your portfolio an amount and at a time that suits YOU.

Easy Consistent Options for Growth

Nodexo is a fantastic way to get involved with Masternodes at a low price. Currently offering masternodes in 8 different coins with more being added, Nodexo is an EU registered company, affiliated with The Crypto Police. Returns are based on the masternode returns (determined by coin choice, currently roughly between 20 – 110% a year) and fees are taken from the Masternode returns at 5% – a nominal fee for the work in setting up and maintaining the Masternodes themselves. If you would like to learn more about Masternodes read my blog here or to register for an account with Nodexo click here

CoinBundle is a fantastic, registered and insured platform that allows you to buy a choice of 6 preset bundles of cryptocurrency from as little as $10 in either fiat or crypto. This is possibly the easiest way to start building a basic cryptocurrency portfolio. If you spend $100 or more we both receive $5 as a thank you from CoinBundle. Learn more in the Shop or register for free here

If you are considering using one or both of these platforms you will want to ensure you are consistent and have the ability to regularly contribute especially if you start with a low amount. REMEMBER the easiest way to grow an account is to have a set and forget system in place – in other words automatic contributions made consistently. If you decide more automation is something you are interested in check out my blog here where I cover some options for easy, automated savings.


Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms and of course subscribe to my fortnightly emails to keep updated.


To access a simplified 3 month plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan. Alternatively check out my freebies under start here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today!


How to Save Automatically – Tools and Strategies Below

How to Save Automatically – Tools and Strategies Below

Automation = consistency = growth

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself. 

Everyone wants to grow their portfolio of wealth. With the demands and pressures of everyday life this can often be easier said than done.

The biggest strides you often make are due to the small things you consistently do. This is why superannuation funds exist – to automate regular savings, hands free deposits in order to provide a large lump sum at retirement. The benefit of this is that people enjoy the benefit of compounded returns (where your interest also earns interest), a larger final amount and less reliance on the government or society.

When savings is automated it generally becomes ‘forgotten' funds (out of sight, out of mind) that are able to work and compound for your long term benefit.


In order to maximise your returns you should

1Know yourself – your risk tolerance and goals

2 – Educate yourself in the market you want to invest in

3Know the businesses – their risks and benefits

4 – Ability to automate or prioritise payments (consistency)

5 – Ability to compound your returns to achieve greater growth


Why is automation important?

Automation means that it's far less likely for your portfolio to be negatively affected by those instances where life gets in the way.

Having an easy, hands free, compounding platform to grow your portfolio, will lead to faster growth over the long term. You should always review of course any business thoroughly for their longevity, all potential charges within the business or platform and weigh up likely returns based on historical data. Check out my article here that discusses Signs of Online Scams for tips in doing your due diligence.

However, the biggest determining factor in your portfolio growing is the action you take. This is YOUR future and no one else can make you take action.



I love the platforms I use to automate my portfolio growth.

I have Raiz (for Australia only) which is a fantastic fiat option to grow a portfolio of funds – very similar to retirement accounts. You can choose from 6 different portfolios such as Balanced or Aggressive. Raiz rounds up small change from every purchase on your bank account, you may add one off payments as well as regular automated deposits. Raiz also offers cash back in your account for purchases made online through their partners and even super accounts for retirement.

This last year has returned the average investor 12.4%! Funds are secure and available to request a withdrawal immediately. There are various similar microinvesting platforms available around the world – The UK has Money Box, USA Acorns and New Zealand either Sharesies or Invest Now. More information on Raiz including the link can be found here



A platform very similar to Raiz is Amber (only in Australia at this stage) but the round ups instead go to purchase cryptocurrency automatically and regular payments can also be made from as little as $5 (note roundups are currently no longer available with plans to use a new third party to resume round ups in the near future).

In Amber, Cryptocurrency can be traded, bought, sold or sent to your private wallet as they are also a fully registered exchange. This is a great option for those people who are risk averse, just starting out or wanting to bolster their portfolio consistently from round ups or one off payments.

This is a mobile based app so best to set up directly from your phone. Click here to register directly or via the shop. A similar product for the USA only is Coinseed. If you register using the link here you will receive a $5 credit to your account. 



Another option for automation and ease of use has to be the Coinbase exchange!

Coinbase is available for use in 33 countries, including America and Australia. Receive $10USD worth of Bitcoin when using my link here and depositing at least $100. A recent feature is now the ability to make regular deposits to recur at a time and amount that suits you. This is fantastic in allowing easy Dollar Cost Averaging and making sure that your portfolio easily grows hand free. To save transaction fees you can use Coinbase Pro (available in more limited countries) and also another great little free service Coindca which offers a way to purchase by marking buy orders through the day using Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase is also currently offering an airdrop for a variety of coins, including Stellar, 0x and ZCash once short videos have been watched. It's a great way to both learn and earn. You can register here.



Non-automated options

I have other crypto and fiat based options which I use to consistently grow my portfolio that are not automatic. You can read about them here. Whatever you do, take action today. The more you delay, the less opportunity you have to compound which will affect your future wealth.

Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms.

To access a simplified 3 month plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan. Alternatively check out my freebies under start here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today!


How to Start Investing Money in Cryptocurrency – Know Yourself

How to Start Investing Money in Cryptocurrency – Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is critically important

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.  

It's important to KNOW YOURSELF – your RISK TOLERANCE and the GOALS you have when setting up your portfolio and crypto growth opportunities. If you don't know what your goals and natural investing tendencies are, then you simply won't achieve what you want from your portfolio.

Once you understand yourself, your risk tolerance and goals you can maximise your profits by having a plan in place for both establishing the portfolio, as well as consistently adding to it in a way that suits you. Consistency and research is key.


Decide how much of your portfolio you want invested in platforms and how much you wish to start with for your alt portfolio.

I believe everyone should buy Cryptocurrency for approximately 3 months and have a portfolio of at least $500 before venturing into Platforms or more obscure coins. Many people I work with will start building up a Bitcoin only portfolio while they research options.

If you are new to purchasing Cryptocurrency please check out my blog post How to Buy Crypto and download my free PowerPoint presentation Getting Started. Before getting started in platforms I recommend reading my blog Signs of Online Scams and How to invest with Cryptocurrency.


Next choose the coins you would like to add to your portfolio. It is good to focus on a small portfolio to start with. Check out my blog post Choosing Coins for tips on researching, and Creating a Portfolio here.

Start with researching and choosing two large cap, two medium cap and two small cap coins. (Large cap is the top 5 on coinmarketcap, medium cap is the top 30 and small cap top 70.) From your selection of core coins these are the coins you see the greatest future lying LONG TERM. The idea here is if you do the research and have a consistent plan on how you add to each position, you will only have to review the portfolio every 6 months and otherwise forget about it.



Keeping your Cryptocurrency secure is critical. Do it right, right from the beginning to save yourself from potential heartbreak. Check out my blog on Security here for more detailed information and options on security and storage.

***If you won't be able to stop yourself from looking and stressing over dips, then store your coins in a way you don't have easy access to viewing it. Make it a set and forget.***

Commit – Act!

Remember, profits are made in the buying, so don't overthink. Make sure you act, even if it is just buying Bitcoin while you research. If you would like to have access to an excellent trading course that helps with long term coins purchases (not just the short term perspective), trading and education to confidently double down, then check out Learning Crypto here.

Every person is unique and has different factors, needs and desires that influence their perspective. If you are overwhelmed and wanting to have a done for you plan, then check out my 3 month customised portfolio plans here

Decide what kind of natural risk tolerance you have.

  • Do you naturally prefer high risk, high reward ventures?
  • Do you prefer slower, long term passive gains?
  • How old/close to retirement are you?
  • How long can you put the funds away for?
  • Will you need to have access to your funds in case of emergency?
  • Do you have a stable income, good health?
  • Do you have short term goals or more long term?
  • Are you happy to monitor the platforms frequently or prefer a more hands free approach?
  • Are you prepared to re-evaluate frequently?

Once you know some of those answers you are in a stronger position to determine which types of platforms suit your needs, which withdrawal strategies will work for you and how best to structure your portfolio.

Final thoughts

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Click on Shop to access some helpful PowerPoint presentations (Getting Started, Creating an Alt Portfolio and Platforms for CryptoGrowth) to learn more about portfolios and platforms.


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