The Best Way to Start Investing for Beginners

The Best Way to Start Investing for Beginners

The Best Way to Get Started

Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

What is the best way to get started investing in Cryptocurrency is a common question for beginners. Cryptocurrency is relatively new, volatility is standard, security and self ownership is crucial and you can easily make or lose a fortune in a short period of time. Cryptocurrency offers so much potential so ensure you start your Portfolio off safely and securely.

Arrange Storage and Security Before Buying

Having solid security in place to protect your assets is critical. Cryptocurrency is novel, exciting and offers an opportunity to take full control over your assets. Having control means taking responsibility. Your Cryptocurrencies security and safety is reliant on the measures you put in place. Make sure you start your portfolio correctly. When you plant the seeds, do everything right, your crop will flourish.

There are two aspects mentioned here. Storage and security. Storage is a wallet that only YOU hold the private keys for. This is not an exchange, nor a platform. There are many different types of wallets out there that you can use, however I use two.

I have a Ledger Nano because they are one of the most reputable, secure and state of the art products. They are infact, the first and only certified hardware wallet and as such you can rest safe in the knowledge that your assets are protected. Although you can store more than 1250 different Cryptocurrency assets on your device, the small memory size will mean you will want to limit the number of Cryptocurrencies on each Nano. I use mine primarily for long term storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum and my erc-20 tokens. You can also pick up a bundle package which includes both a Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. This is currently available for a special discounted rate until the 17th February, check out the special here. You can purchase a 3 pack of Nano S or a 3 pack of Nano X all month. Always buy direct from the website. Purchasing second hand is akin to giving someone else all your banking details and hoping they never decide to use them.

A Ledger may take time to arrive, or you may not have the funds to purchase one immediately. This is not an excuse to leave your Cryptocurrency on an exchange or delay getting started. The other main wallet I use is Exodus. Exodus is fantastic and free. It is very user friendly and secure as well as supporting a wide variety of coins. It's also easy to use on the go.

Once you set up wallet you'll soon see your back up mnemonic phrase. A mnemonic phrase is like an ultimate password. You can lose the device, have your computer or phone stolen and theoretically means you would lose your access to the assets. When you successfully store your mnemonic phrase this means that you can very easily regain access to your assets.

This is where the security aspect comes in. Securing that mnemonic phrase is critical. At a minimum you should consider copying the phrase down and storing it at two different locations securely. Another option is using a tool such as CRYPTOTAG. CRYPTOTAG is the premium solution for the storage of your Cryptocurrency. When you purchase CRYPTOTAG, you receive titanium plates that can be punched or stamped with the details of your mnemonic phrase. These titanium plates are literally bulletproof, corrosion, pressure, heat and cold resistant – they even come with a life time guarantee. This product is fantastic for your peace of mind and asset security.

 Make Your Purchase

Once you are familiar with your wallet it's time to make your Cryptocurrency purchase. Most people use an exchange such as Coinbase for their first purchase. If you are in Australia I would recommend Coinspot. If you are in New Zealand, Easy Crypto. For Africa check out Nairaex and for the Philippines Luno. If you would prefer purchasing from another person more directly, the leading company is Local Bitcoins, or for Asia and the Caribbean check out Remitano. Always make sure you use a major or reputable exchange. 

Most exchanges are similar in their set up and requirements. When you first sign up you will need to confirm your email address, create a password and often provide identification confirmation. You should also set up Google 2Factor Authentication or similar (the exchange will walk you through the steps). Any exchange must follow the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for the countries they operate in. Sometimes you simply need a photo or copy of your government ID such as drivers licence or passport, at other times they will request you to hold the ID with a dated and signed paper as a selfie that you upload. To learn more about Getting Started, download my PowerPoint for free here

Once you have set up your account you will then need to fund it. You often have multiple ways you can fund it such as credit card, bank transfer, POLIpay or even as a recurring or one off debit that makes regular contributions easy. Some exchanges will automatically purchase the Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency at the market price at the time of the transfer. Most exchanges will give you the option to choose when to make your purchase at market value, or alternatively to create a buy order. A buy order is where you state you wish to buy of the asset when it at xxx price. Using a buy order has lower broker fees and can make it easier to buy at prices you want to spend, but can be frustrating if the market doesn't reach the price you want when you want it to, or difficult to make regular payments if you get caught up in trying to buy at the perfect price. There is no perfect price except in hindsight.

Once you have your Cryptocurrency, transfer it to your wallet. You can do this by going to your private wallet and clicking on your coin. Then click receive. Copy the address. This is your private address. I recommend pasting and storing it on a spreadsheet or email so you can have easy access to it if necessary. Next go back to the exchange, click on the coin you have bought then click send. Paste that address and send. You often have to confirm the transaction via a link that is sent to your email address.

Be Consistent and Add Regularly

Consistency in most things in life is hard but it's also how the most progress is made.

Now you have made the decision to add Cryptocurrency into your portfolio it's important to have a plan and implement it consistently. Make your plan yours.

Focus primarily on Bitcoin, especially at first. Limit your exposure to riskier coins, keep the Cryptocurrency portion of your portfolio only a portion of your overall portfolio. Invest in platforms only after doing your due diligence and don't over invest in any platforms let alone riskier/hyip ones. Limit your Cryptocurrency held on an exchange – if you have coins on an exchange they should be there because they are being actively traded or because you are not intending to hold them for long there. 

One tool you may want to consider using is CoinTracking. CoinTracking have a variety of plans including a free one, which helps track your Portfolio for you. This is so helpful especially come tax time! Check out CoinTracking here

    Stick to Your Plan

    You decided to get involved in Cryptocurrency for a reason. Remember why and keep your plan in mind. You will have ups and downs in life and Cryptocurrency but when you stay educated and stick to the plan that works for you then you will reap the rewards.

    Remember, this is still an emerging market. If you keep your focus to the mid to long term, keep it a relatively low percentage of your overall portfolio and avoid being heavily overinvested in riskier coins, then you mitigate risk and retain your peace of mind in a volatile and exciting marketplace.

    If you are interested in highly customised Portfolio Plans that is based around you and your unique requirements combined with one on one support, check out my 3 month Portfolio Plans which are currently available at first ever significant discount of only $50 for the month of February only. 

    Something for Everyone

    The great thing about Cryptocurrency is that there is truly something for everyone. If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like a step by step guide that is tailor-made for you then consider a 3 month Portfolio Plan. You're welcome to get in touch to discuss any questions and join my Facebook Group Crypto All in All.

    Dollar Cost Averaging Explained

    Dollar Cost Averaging Explained

    Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

    Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

    Dollar Cost Averaging is where you purchase a set amount of an investment at a regular and specific time. This is also known as constant dollar plan, pound cost averaging, unit cost averaging and cost average effect.

    You likely are already using Dollar Cost Averaging without even realising it. Superannuation (or 401k or pension) works so well because it uses DCA and automation together which provides the best results. You are contributing the same percentage every pay cycle, whether that is weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Contributing over your entire working life and with many retirement funds averaging 8-12% a year, means your account grows quickly, effortlessly and you hardly notice the difference especially as you are taking a long term investment horizon. 

    You can apply the principles of DCA into other areas to help grow your account and portfolio. I focus on building my Cryptocurrency portfolio but the same concepts can be used for any type of investing. 

    Why Dollar Cost Average?

    Dollar cost averaging is a very effective tool as individuals can't perfectly time the market.

    By buying regularly smaller amounts and minimising your risk to volatility allows more consistent growth. This technique works best if you can stick to the same amount or percentage and can be very precise on the timing interval. If you have a set lump sum you are wanting to Dollar Cost Average in over a short period of time it is often easy to manually make the transactions. If you are wanting to build your account over a longer period of time as part of a regular savings plan, use automation if at all possible. Being consistent (especially for the longer term) is notoriously difficult for any person as life tends to get in the way, and this is why automation is your best friend when trying to Dollar Cost Average. 

    Currently we have economic instability, rising inflation and stagnant wages. It is in everyone's best interest to limit their exposure to bad debt and build a pool of solidly performing assets for their own financial future. The lead up to the creation of Bitcoin is outlined in my Money blog, which you can read here and explains a little about why I am passionate and believe in Cryptocurrency for the long term. 

    How to use DCA?

    For saving in Australian Dollar, I use Raiz (Australia only, other country options are listed in my blog on Automation here) for round ups (microinvesting via round ups is when the small change from a transaction gets automatically added up and sent through to the account once $5 limit has been reached – this can add up quickly) and a regular recurring lump sum for growing my Australian dollar investments. This makes it incredibly easy to build up my account which I use as a savings for a new car. Whenever I have a lump sum to add to my account I can add to it by creating a one off payment. This account has been averaging over 8% a year after taxes and all fees are taken into account – much better than the 0.8% bank savings rate! As this account is invested in the stock market it is subject to potentially greater volatility so if you are using it for a short term goal please be aware of that.

    For Cryptocurrency I use both Amber and Coinbase. Both accounts will provide you with $10 of Bitcoin when you set up and deposit at least $100 when using my link. Amber is currently Australia only and is looking at having microinvesting reinstated once they find a suitable third party to facilitate and provides recurring Bitcoin purchases. Coinbase is available in 133 countries and approximately 33 have Coinbase Pro. Recurring purchases of a variety of coins can be made through your bank account. If you have access to Coinbase Pro I would highly recommend using the services of who will facilitate the purchases for you to minimise your transaction fees through setting up an API. Setting up an API is safe, secure and thoroughly explained on their website and is very easily done. If you are in Australia Amber is the cheaper option between the two.

    Setting up

    For the actual setting up of a recurring purchase, it is very easy

    • Click the links either Amber or Coinbase
    • Set up the account and add a payment method
    • Click Recurring or Purchase
    • Select the amount (and coin for Coinbase) you want to buy and the frequency (weekly/fortnightly etc)
    • Confirm and purchases of your Crypto will start at the given date. 

    Remember to never leave too great an amount on an exchange and to withdraw it to your own private wallet regularly. To learn more about security and how to store your Cryptocurrencies check out my post here


    Today we face an uncertain economic future. We can't control how governments or others spend their money however we can protect ourselves. Reduce debt, diversify and build a strong asset base to protect your future.

    If Cryptocurrency is fascinating but overwhelming please reach out. I love helping people who are committed to their future learn and grow their portfolios. You can also check out my freebies under Start Here for some fantastic PowerPoint Presentations to get started today! Alternatively, to access a simplified 3 month plan customised to YOU and your risk tolerance, budget and goals click here for my 3 month Portfolio Plan

    When to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

    When to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

    There is no such thing as perfect timing, it boils down to time in the market

    Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

    Is there ever a right time to invest in Cryptocurrency? In hindsight, of course! But going forward it is like almost anything in life – uncertain.

    There is no perfect time as to when to invest in Cryptocurrency, however just like the forex market it's so often not about timing the market but about time in the market.

    Once you understand the role Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency can play compared to the current economic environment you will understand why you should consider holding Bitcoin, even just as a hedge.

    Issues with the current economic system

    The lead up to the creation of Bitcoin is outlined in my Money blog, which you can read first if you prefer. Bitcoin was created due to significant and concerning issues with the current monetary system in place and is a viable option to provide an anti-inflationary store of wealth.

    Currently we are fighting against economic instability, rising inflation, stagnant wages, stunted economical growth, and heavily corrupted/corruptible overseeing bodies, corporations and governments. Bitcoin might be 10 years old, however it is still at the early stages of development and mainstream acceptance. 

    World wide debt is increasing rapidly

    Today we face an uncertain economic future.

    World wide debt is spiralling almost out of control, governments are spending and printing more money, wages for the wealthy a rising while the poor and middle class are stagnating. The USA owes $22.5 trillion, Japan $12 trillion, UK 3.5 trillion, India $2.8 trillion to name just a few countries – in total, global debt is now $246.5 trillion as at the end of the first quarter 2019.

    The World Bank and International Monetary Fund is encouraging all countries to move to negative interest rates and to limit cash transactions by both individuals and businesses. Already some shops show signs stating cash not accepted. In Sweden for instance, only 15% of all transaction involve cash and some banks there no longer accept or dispense it. In China QR codes have been thoroughly embraced.

    The world is going digital. People want instant access to purchase products and services as well as ease of access. The current banking system is trying to provide this, however it is operating from a flawed standpoint and most importantly of all, is centralised and therefore easily corruptible.

    Cryptocurrency – a possible solution to a Big Brother world?

    Cryptocurrency does offer a solution especially when considering that many of the original issues that caused Bitcoin to be created have not been dealt with, as well as the Big Brother aspect of online banking.

    Privacy, regardless of how open you are, is still important. Do you get irritated by feeling like every movement, search and sometimes even thought is followed, tracked and marketed towards? I know I do. I may choose to watch a television programme while I work or do household tasks. Later I notice snippets from that programme are being offered on YouTube. Or I discuss (discuss – not search online!) getting a new vacuum for instance with my husband – and then I suddenly am inundated with vacuum adverts. I must admit this is a huge factor in why I love using the Brave browser now. It really helps in preventing a lot of the tracking and targeted advertising.

    Negative Interest Rates

    Negative interest rates are being encouraged. From the World Bank website (page 5) “Negative deposit rates should provide some encouragement to banks to buy alternative assets” and from page 6 “they can boost consumption and investment” but also admit “negative nominal interest rates may have undesirable side effects on financial stability and capital market functioning.” These negatives to having negative interest rates may include

    • Less profitability for banks (who then pass on fees to customers)
    • Pressure on non-bank institutions (eg pension or life insurance funds)
    • Ambiguity in valuing assets and liabilities
    • Excessive risk taking to get better return

    All of which will encourage people to keep their cash outside of the banking system. This could potentially see a massive uptake on alternative investments such as Cryptocurrency, Gold, Oil to name a few alternative stores of value.

    Why intervene to limit cash?

    To prevent people from moving wealth outside of the banking sector (and away from their control), they are also encouraging a move to limit cash transactions. Many countries now have penalties imposed for using cash in excess of a certain amount. Some examples of countries currently operating with a cash limit in place include

    • France and Spain – 1,000 Euros
    • Greece 500 Euros
    • Italy 2,999.99 Euros
    • Bulgaria 5,110 Euros
    • India 20,000 Rupee (currently equivalent to $278 USD)

    Numerous countries are considering implementing cash restrictions in part due to recommendations from the IMF including Russia and Australia. Punishment for not complying ranges from hefty fines through to significant jail terms.

    Fast and cheap – Technology is great!

    Moving to online based transactions is a good thing and provides certainty in payment, ease of access, fast and cheap transactions. However the intrusion and monitoring that follows is invasive and concerning. Could you imagine if World War 2 happened in the current environment? If an entire section of the human race were determined to not deserve access to a bank account? This is not an exaggeration. People are already being limited in their banking access and alternative living options all around the world. How much harder would life be if using cash were not an option? If everything went through the banking system, you had no control over your personal data and no choice in charges or fees? You don't have to be a science fiction reader to understand how dire things can develop – well intentioned or not.


    No easy solution

    There is no easily recognisable solution to the current economic instability. No one knows what the future will bring. However we as people should have the freedom to pay for goods and services in a way that suits us, free to save with cash, cash in on jewelry, barter or use online or other transactions.

    The current push for a cashless world wide society where people are stuck in a banking system that monitors and controls your spending, is bordering on fascism and it will be fascinating to see what happens next with the ever increasing debt and economic situation world wide.

    Bitcoin Merchandise

    Bitcoin Merchandise

    Bitcoin Gear sold here!

    Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

    Offering top quality Cryptocurrency based products this is a fantastic way to show how you feel about Cryptocurrency!

    Once you understand the power and importance of Cryptocurrency you want to tell everyone about  it and the possibilities Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies can offer. You will likely want to talk to people about Crypto, show others that you are aware of and better yet a participant in this revolutionary technology. 


    I enjoy wearing my Bitcoin T-Shirt around town. It can become quite a talking point, plus it really irritates my friends who are anti-cryptocurrency!

    How better to do this than with funky and quality Cryptocurrency paraphernalia?

    I have linked up with Bitcoin Gear to offer their quality items such as Clothing (tshirts, hoodies and more), mugs, jewelry and much more. Bitcoin Gear offer fantastic products, personally I could easily spend a pretty penny on these items. You can pay for your items in USD with PayPal, credit cards and Apple Pay. Bitcoin Gear ship to almost every country and shipping is free when spending more than $80. The customer service and quality is top notch!

    Check out some of their quality products here and in the shop links below.

    T-Shirts        Hoodies          Sweaters        Mugs       Bracelets and Cufflinks        Wallet Phone cases      Watches         Blankets and Towels          Display signs and night lights       Key Chains       Playing Cards






























































































































































































































































    You’ve bought Crypto – now what? How to Use Cryptocurrency.

    You’ve bought Crypto – now what? How to Use Cryptocurrency.

    How to use Cryptocurrency once you bought it.

    Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.

    Once you have decided you wish to buy cryptocurrency you will want to decide what you are wanting to do with it. I always recommend and believe everyone should hold a portfolio for the long term as the potential gains are truly significant. We are still in the early stages of the Cryptocurrency market. Generally speaking, once you have your Cryptocurrency you can do four things with it. Hold it, trade it, spend it or grow it.  

    Hold it

    I always recommend everyone to hold (and continuously grow) at least some of their own portfolio solely within their own wallets for the long term. Holding a balanced portfolio where you hold the private keys is the most secure way to keep your Cryptocurrency, however the amounts won't increase unless you add to them (if you buy 1 Bitcoin now you will always have 1 Bitcoin). You will hopefully benefit from growth in fiat value of the coin.

    For more information on security and storing coins check out the post here. I always recommend using either Exodus or especially Nano S Ledger for this. I also recommend securely storing your mnemonic phrase on either a CryptoTag or CryptoSteel for your protection. After all, if you don't hold the private keys you don't truly own the coins and paper based storage is very easily corrupted.

    Ideally your coin portfolio should be consistently growing through new deposits and/or returns. If it all seems overwhelming and you find yourself procrastinating or simply wanting a shortcut/cliff notes summary, you should look at purchasing my customised 3 month Portfolio Plan.

    Trade it

    Some people want full control over their crypto and are interested in trading – especially if they have had experience doing so in the past. If you are interested in trading to grow your Cryptocurrency, I recommend Learning Crypto which is very comprehensive and reasonably priced for both novice through to highly experienced traders. You can learn more about Learning Crypto here.  If you are interested in free education beyond YouTube you can access a free course with Start Crypto, as well as a competitive Crypto Trading game and education, both of which can be found here.  

    Spend it

    Cryptocurrency can be spent or cashed into fiat via thousands of businesses, exchanges, wallets and ATM's around the world. You can do a simple search to discover companies and for ATM's check out Coin Radar. For businesses that offer easy spending consider a debit card such as or Wirex, even consider paying bills through exchanes like Coinjar or through third parties such as Living Room of Sattoshi. TravelbyBit is another fantastic company that you can book anything travel related through and pay for with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. When you purchase travel they offer up to 5% cash back paid in Bitcoin. They also have a merchant finder and if you are a merchant you can register your business on the site. Another way you can spend Cryptocurrency is in purchasing mining contracts or purchasing different coins including ICO's or purchasing bots which can then help you grow your Cryptocurrency.

    Grow it

     There are many different ways you can grow your Cryptocurrency. I break them down into three categories. Slow and Steady, Larger Capital Longer Term, Smaller Capital Quicker Return. I discuss and outline each Category in the blog post How to invest with Cryptocurrency. Other ways people grow their portfolios is via earning Cryptocurrency, you can see some platforms to do this here.  You can check out the post on how to earn Free Cryptocurrency here.

    Always remember – Do Your Own Research, know yourself and what your risk tolerance, preferences and comfort levels are. You do not want to be in a situation where you are risking more than you are comfortable with potentially losing. You may wish to look at my blog post – Know your self for further information.

    Every platform has varied risks when getting involved. All platforms I promote I extensively research and convey the potential risks and benefits in a clear and precise manner for you. There are no guarantees on any platform or coin – just like anything in life. 

    Remember, the key is to use Crypto Growth platforms to grow your private wallet holdings. Don't get caught up in the excitement of growth or complacency, and remember to have a withdrawal strategy that suits your needs. If it all seems overwhelming and you find yourself simply wanting a shortcut/cliff notes summary, you should look at purchasing my customised 3 month Portfolio Plan. If you do have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

    What is the Power of Compound Interest in Crypto Growth.

    What is the Power of Compound Interest in Crypto Growth.

    Growing your crypto.

    Please note: this article may contain affiliate links where I receive a small compensation for referral at no charge to yourself.  

    Some people want to buy cryptocurrency, hold it and that is all. Others want to find ways to grow it, either passively or more actively. Generally speaking there are four things you can do with Cryptocurrency once you've bought it – hold it, spend it, trade it or grow it. I discuss this in more detail in my blog post How to buy and what to do with it. When you want to grow your Cryptocurrency there are a number of different types of options to do so. I outline them in my article here.

    Growing cryptocurrency can be a great thing to do. It can provide a hedge against a cryptocurrency drop in value against your currency. In other words if you buy a coin for $100 and grow it passively to 1.4% but the coin drops 5%, you are still better off having compounded over buying and doing nothing. Others want to grow cryptocurrency for the excitement of it (eg HYIP's), or want a truly hands free passive business where growth happens behind the scenes without active input. Still more people want to find secure avenues that can provide both hands free returns and more active involvement. Always be aware of scams which are constantly found in areas of high growth, new technology and fast money. Check out my posts Signs of online scams and Scams, common signs and how to avoid them.


    Anytime you don't have control over your cryptocurrency – don't have possession of the private keys – you don't truly own your cryptocurrency. Any cryptocurrency investment or purchase should have the risk weighed up so that you can have a clear strategy on how best to utilise each platform. If you would like to know more details on protecting your capital check out my blog Strategies – How and When to withdraw.

    Passive Compounding Benefits

    There's a saying, ‘When you invest, you are buying a day you don't have to work.'

    In today's world many people want options where their funds are working for them without them needing any input. They want to ensure they have several future passive income streams set up when possible so their wealth is working for them and therefore their future is more secure. With compounding this allows you to truly catapult your Cryptocurrencies growth. When you compound this means your interest earned, earns more interest. This means your growth occurs much faster than it would otherwise. For example if you earned 12% interest annually it would take you 6 years to double your capital. This is known as The Rule of 72 (72/annual interest = time to double seed).  Bitcoin has risen from 0.009 cents in 2010 – no matter what way you calculate it, that is a massive return!

    Many cryptocurrency platforms allow you to compound your returns as frequently as daily and often hands free. This means your returns are earning returns faster than in any other traditional investment platforms. To check out different options on long term and short term platforms click here.

    If you want to make your funds grow faster cryptocurrency platforms can be a fantastic vehicle to do so. Click here to learn about different platforms to grow cryptocurrency with.

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