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Cryptocurrency is a fast moving and revolutionary industry.

Overwhelming and new it can also open the door to massive growth the likes of which have not been seen before.


Start strong and learn how to build a solid portfolio that suits YOUR needs using the power of solid long term and short term platforms for passive returns.

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Disclaimer: I have created this website and associate information with the intention to help you learn how to establish the following; a portfolio, different options you may customise for your individual situation, a variety of strategies to grow your wealth and education from years of research. I have included my referral/affiliate links where appropriate for you to join at your discretion; through these businesses I receive a small compensation. If you find my assistance helpful I would appreciate you using my links or possibly donate through the cryptocurrency addresses I have include both here and in the PowerPoint presentations. I am not a financial adviser, and this is not supposed to represent financial advice. I can offer no guarantees of profit. I have done extensive research in both the industry and every company I choose to affiliate with. I do not promote businesses I do not believe in or have not placed my money and trust in. I encourage everyone to assess each business, coin and platform on their own merits to determine if they suit your specific needs. I also encourage everyone to have a withdrawal strategy that is based on knowledge of yourself, your needs and your goals.  The information I provide is meant to make a murky area clearer, provide you with a simpler breakdown of some of the options available to you and based on the research I have undertaken. 

Work with Me

Cryptocurrency Getting Started and Portfolio Plans

Learn how to balance investing in platforms while also staying in control of some or all of your funds. I also focus on different strategies for investing in coins and platforms.

I strongly encourage people to hold both platforms to grow cryptocurrency and an alt portfolio that is 100% within your own control. It is ideal to have a diversified and balanced portfolio with systems in place so that your alt portfolio is consistently growing.

Larger Capital, Longer Term Platforms

Learn about some platforms for passive cryptocurrency growth. These platforms often require a minimum start up capital of $350USD worth of cryptocurrency or or will require a longer term perspective (1yr+). These are businesses offering solid returns, verifiable on blockchains, through trading history or Masternode information. These platforms also can offer easy compounding and higher returns than in a traditional fiat platform. Solid growth, more passive returns, hands free options!

Smaller Capital, Quicker Return Platforms

These platforms offer a higher return (and relatively higher risk) and to maximise the growth you may want to check in more frequently than with the Longer Term Platforms. A faster withdrawal rate is ideal and recommended. These platforms frequently operate on Telegram and have a lower starting minimum - sometimes as little as a couple of dollars. Several of them offer weekly trading history and are exciting avenues for faster growth.

What People Are Saying

I've had the pleasure of knowing Rebecca for the last 2 years. Rebecca is not only a beautiful human being who has a pleasant and patient disposition, she is also an amazing family woman with an impeccable business mind. We initially met through the cryptocurrency space and became friends from there.

Rebecca has an exceptionally sound knowledge base on all topics including crypto, business start ups, budgeting ideas, establishing financial portfolios which range from the small scale investor to high end investors on a professional level.

Rebecca works tirelessly to ensure she keeps up to date with the most recent technological advancements in the field. Undertaking the necessary courses to be accredited and be able to run her business through this website as an accredited professional.

Rebecca has helped me many times with her knowledge, guidance and insight for me to get my own portfolio on a profitable track.

I couldn't recommend Rebecca enough for anyone to work with in achieving your current and future goals. You won't be disappointed. Rebecca will always ensure you have the support you need and will always make time for her clients as you move forward together.”


Crypto Enthusiast

“Meeting Rebecca was a god send. Even though I've been in the crypto sector for a little while, her support and knowledge has helped me grow and help provide avenues of income and success for a future set up.
Thanks and looking forward to many projects together.”


Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge on all things crypto and she goes above and beyond to help and support her team members and all those who come to her for assistance. Highly recommend.” 5/5


Rebecca has been so fantastic with helping me. I do not know much about crypto and she has been there for me. I do not do anything until I speak with her for guidance. And she always puts me on the right track. There is no one else I would rather go to the moon with. Thankyou Rebecca for being there.


Really helpful group, Rebecca has introduced me to a number of outstanding platforms and has advised me on benefits to help me grow my wealth!

Friendly and supportive.

Would absolutely reccomend anyone from any level to get in touch with Rebecca!” 5/5



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When to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

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Signs of Online Scams – What to watch out for

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How to Invest with Cryptocurrency

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Earn Money Online by Clicking Ads

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Consistent wealth building

Consistent wealth building

How to Earn Money Online by Clicking Ads You can earn cash or cryptocurrency (depending on the platform) by simply logging into a website and clicking a button or viewing an advertisement. Some platforms require no upfront payment, others offer a return of capital...

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